Presented by Business Ecosystem Alliance & Global Rendanheyi Research Centers

EMC OS: Overcoming hierarchies through software-based contracts and agreements

Session description

As global enterprises transform towards maximizing human value, many will face the seemingly impossible dilemma of how to minimize the risk of power delegation and tackle the tension between self-organization and consistency. After fully understanding the principles and practices of Haier and the RDHY model, Simone Cicero, Director of the RDHY Open Source Research Center, will unveil the how Boundaryless and Haier Model Institute want to develop an organizational contracting Operating System (codename: EMC OS), a globally-applicable, software based organizational transformation operating system to help organizations debunk mysteries around organizing through scalable contracting.

If you're interested in participating to the development of the EMC OS Ecosystem please submit to this form: and Boundaryless will keep you posted on progress and engagements.

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