Ecosystems in Media–Growing the Value Pie for Organizations and Consumers

Over the last ten years, major media and publishing platforms have transformed the way that consumers interact with content. Anyone can become a content creator, and companies are looking for creative ways to monetize content. Many companies are moving toward ecosystems to move quickly and maximize value for their end customers. Join media and publishing ecosystem practitioners, Kalina Nikolova, VP of Operations and Strategy for Yahoo Inc. and Joanne Sheppard, SVP of Strategy and Investments for Holtzbrinck Publishing, to learn more about why ecosystems are forming to respond to changes in the industry and how organizations can leverage them to build a more connected future. You’ll learn:

  • They key drivers behind the shift to an ecosystem model, including sustainability, diversity of voices, web 3.0, accelerated rate of change, and open access to information
  • The internal changes that will make your organization a better ecosystem partner
  • The responsibility of media ecosystems to protect the experience and security of their end customers
  • Why it’s important to diversity your network of ecosystem relationships and how to choose the right partners
  • Why smaller players should build confidence and negotiate terms of partnerships

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