Integrating Ecosystems into Your Business Strategy—With a Customer-First Mindset

Tiffani Bova began her career as a sales, marketing and customer service executive for startups and Fortune 500 companies where she was recognized as being one of the first to develop a robust go-to-market model for cloud-based solutions and indirect channel strategies. This experience brought her to Salesforce where she became global growth evangelist, driving customer success through a vast network of customer and partner ecosystems She has consistently been a leader in witnessing, understanding and helping shape the relationship with ecosystems across various organizations. In this discussion, Tiffani shares her insights on:

  • What defines an ecosystem, and why it’s more common than you may think
  • The history of ecosystems, as she witnessed them on the frontlines, and how the internet and digital technology have accelerated their prevalence
  • A practical set of steps and questions to decide if an ecosystem is right for your company, where to draw value from it, and how it will help enhance your capabilities
  • The importance of putting the customer first when making the decision to join an ecosystem
  • The different types of relationships you can develop with partners in an ecosystem
  • How ecosystems can become a significant part of your profitability—and why this is critical to your success

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