Ecosystems in Education–Collaborating to Efficiently Serve the End User

Over the last two years, the education industry has completely transformed in favor of an ecosystems approach. Fueled by one-to-one computing, bandwidth access, and increased investment, a seamless digital learning experience is the future of the classroom. Behind the scenes, organizations must learn to collaborate, enhance each other’s capabilities, and share information to create the best possible user experience for both students and educators. Join education ecosystem practitioners, Adam Zalisk, SVP Corporate Strategy for Amplify, and Ken Eng, SVP Strategy and M&A for Macmillan Publishers, and moderator Claudio Garcia, president of the Outthinker Strategy Network, for an exploration of ecosystems in the education sector that reveals:

  • The purpose behind an ecosystems approach and why it has shifted in the past two years
  • How to find the relevant partners and collaborators based on the end user experience
  • The internal skills you need to develop to play effectively in an ecosystem
  • How to approach to ecosystems as an orchestrator (and why you should look beyond the household names)
  • Recommendations for companies to transform their competitive mindset and become part of an ecosystem
  • Three trends that are on the rise in education ecosystems

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