Ecosystems in Healthcare–Amplifying Whole-person Health

The healthcare industry has long consisted of ecosystems of payors, providers, and regulators in a complex web to reach the end patient. As focus shifts from fragmented specialties to a holistic, whole-person view of healthcare, there is an opportunity to form and leverage these ecosystem relationships more intentionally. In this session, healthcare ecosystem practitioners, Claus Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer for Teladoc Health, Lieke van Kerkhoven, Co-founder of FLOOW2, and Sukanya Soderland, Chief Strategy Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and moderator Claudio Garcia, President of the Outthinker Strategy Network, discuss how ecosystems can amplify the value of healthcare as they explore:

  • The consumer needs that are driving the healthcare industry to an ecosystem-based model
  • Why companies need to completely change their “everyone for themselves” mindset to succeed in an ecosystem
  • How legacy companies can align on a shared purpose to make transformation more compelling
  • The shifts in management, metrics, and incentives that are required to enter an ecosystem
  • How to work with existing regulation and how to open new conversations with regulators
  • Advice for healthcare players who want to become part of an ecosystem

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