Ecosystems in Homes–Delivering a Holistic Home-buying Experience

Over the past decade, the process of purchasing and owning a home has changed for most consumers. Companies have the opportunity to partner to serve the customer in new and better ways–whether they are buying, renovating, or decorating their homes. In what the home-buyer views as part of a single “home” experience, ecosystems of partners are working behind the scenes to guide and deliver value in every stage of the journey. Join practitioners, Eric Chesin, Chief Strategy Officer for Realogy, Doug McNamee, President of Magnolia, and Mateusz Troicki, VP of Strategy for Kohler, and moderator Claudio Garcia, President of the Outthinker Strategy Network, to explore the shifts and opportunities in homes ecosystems. Discover:

  • The benefits of open ecosystems that allow for customer choice
  • Why you need to evaluate partners based on trust (and why who you say “no” to is more  important than  who you say “yes” to)
  • The type of leadership necessary to manage in an ecosystem model
  • Future trends expected in the home sector
  • Recommendations for new players who have not yet intentionally leveraged ecosystems

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