Ecosystems in Staffing–Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Candidate Experience

Ecosystems have long been a staple in the staffing industry, but they have taken on a new form with the introduction of advanced technologies and the arrival of additional players. The pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation have dismantled the industry, forcing hiring and staffing companies to rethink the way they attract and retain employees. Many have turned to ecosystems to streamline processes and enhance the applicant experience. In this session, hiring and staffing ecosystem practitioners, Ayman Hamid, Executive Director of Global Business Services for Allegis Global Solutions, Tom Gallo, Head of Strategy and Innovation for ABM Industries, and Ying McPherson, Chief Strategy Officer for Unifi, joined by moderator, Claudio Garcia, President of the Outthinker Strategy, discuss how the competitive landscape has changed and:

  • Why candidate experience should be the central focus of your ecosystem strategy
  • How to leverage data and insights from your current employees to build your future workforce
  • The importance of teaming and alignment around strategic direction
  • How to find a balance between novel technologies and classic human elements
  • The technical abilities you need to build (or partner with) to deliver functional solutions
  • What to look for when selecting your ecosystem partners

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