Applying Value-Based Strategy to Leverage Ecosystems in Your Business Model

Felix Oberholzer-Gee is the Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. An award-winning instructor, his academic work has been published in the very best, peer-reviewed journals of his profession, and he currently teaches competitive strategy in executive education programs. His work is largely focused on helping businesses apply his framework of Value-Based Strategy, in which businesses learn to identify the biggest value drivers. Within ecosystem-based competition, he’s identified how to specifically leverage ecosystems in maximizing the value delivered to stakeholders. In this discussion, Felix shares his insights on:

  • How Value-Based Strategy applies to ecosystems, and how to identify where to draw and give the most value within one 
  • Balancing the dynamics and relationships between your company and different players in your ecosystem
  • How to identify what complements are best for your business
  • Motivating partners in the ecosystem to make investments in complements that would deliver value to your customers
  • What adjustments you need to make within your business model and culture to incorporate ecosystems
  • Growing your bargaining power and maximizing the value you draw from an ecosystem as you put more value into it

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