Ecosystems are frequently looked at through the lens of science, but fresh new insights can be gathered by looking at ecosystems in creative spheres. In this unique webinar we have assembled an innovative trio of thinkers and practitioners from the world of music to look at the powerful role of ecosystems in the creation and performance of music.

Business Ecosystem Alliance director Stuart Crainer will be joined by Rik SpannSimon Martin and Melissa George.

Rik Spann is an organizational consultant, applied musicologist, artist and jazz musician based in Amsterdam. He is the author (with Simon) of Re-Sounding: Introducing an alternative metaphor for organization change (2021).

Simon Martin is an organizational consultant, keen flugelhornist, and Partner at Metalogue Consulting ( He lives between Oxford, UK and Görlitz, Eastern Germany.

Melissa George is a leader of learning, anthropologist, linguist, artist, chef, gardener, passionate trail runner, and doctoral student. She lives in Rabat, Morocco, close to the Atlantic Ocean and not far from the Atlas Mountains.

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