What is the role of international standards and certification in the sharing of knowledge and the expansion of best practice in management and organizations?  Do great management ideas require validation to sweep the world? This webinar, moderated by BEA director Stuart Crainer, brings together a unique trio of practitioners from around the world.

We will be joined by Andreas Holmer, co-founder and CEO of MAQE, a professional services company specializing in personalized commerce.

Founded in 2012, MAQE is a team of 80 people in Bangkok and Khon Kaen in Thailand dedicated to changing how the world works. MAQE has adopted many of the innovative ideas of the RDHY management philosophy practiced by Haier and is going through the process to become RDHY certified.

Magnus Karlsson is a partner at Amplify, chairman of SIS/TK532 Innovation Management and an adjunct professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He was previously director of new business development and innovation at Ericsson. His daily mission is to provide advice and training that combine leading insights from innovation management research, standards, and practice. 

Martin Moehrle is director of corporate services at EFMD where he developed and oversees the new RDHY certification for organizational transformation. He was previously global head of talent and member of the HR Executive Committee at UBS, and chief learning officer, global head of HR development and member of the global HR committee at Deutsche Bank.

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