Building Sustainable Ecosystems: Strategies for Inclusive Business Growth

Join us for an informative webinar entitled "Building Sustainable Ecosystems: Strategies for Inclusive Business Growth." This virtual event brings together academics and practitioners who will share their insights and experiences on how entrepreneurs, investors, government, and other stakeholders can work together to create a sustainable business ecosystem that promotes economic development while supporting minority-owned businesses.

Led by Thinkers50 Breakthrough Idea Award recipients Leon C. Prieto and Simone Phipps, and joined by Jay Bailey, CEO of Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs and Professor L. Beril Toktay of Georgia Tech -- this session will explore the latest strategies for fostering the growth of sustainable enterprises and minority-owned businesses, highlighting the importance of inclusive business practices and environmental sustainability.

This discussion is ideal for those interested in sustainable entrepreneurship and minority-owned businesses. Whether you are a practitioner looking to apply these strategies in your business or an academic interested in the latest research and trends, you'll get valuable insights from those on the frontlines of inclusive and sustainable business development.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and gain the knowledge and tools you need to create a more sustainable and inclusive business ecosystem.

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