We know that engaging an ecosystem is critical for growth. But we haven't understood the three distinct flavors of ecosystems: Profit, Platform, Purpose. And, we haven't mastered the techniques to anticipate future requirements based on emerging ecosystem opportunities.

In this highly practical and inspiring 45-minute webinar, BEA’s Stuart Crainer is joined by Andrea Kates. San Francisco-based, Andrea was CEO of the San Francisco SaaS software company that pioneered the application of Lean Startup with scaleup and large companies. For 20 years she’s led bold initiatives in virtually every sector and every geography that help companies figure out where to place their bets on emerging products, services and technologies and to scale dynamic business models.

Andrea will provide a practical framework for matching the type of ecosystem that matters with a roadmap to optimize impact. She will share original tools from her newly-minted masterclass series, Get To NEXT and outline success stories based on recent projects she's led. You will learn:

  1. Which type of ecosystem structure is best suited to your priorities: Profit, Platform, Purpose
  2. How to get people on board
  3. The five steps to drive success: Envision, Expand, Build, Engage, Activate
  4. Special topics: governance, flywheels, scale, adaptation, metrics, uncovering emerging opportunities
  5. How to get started on Monday morning

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