The Ecosystem Canvas: How To Design A Business Ecosystem

Business ecosystems may have become the new buzzword in strategy discussions. But, amid the hype and hyperbole, there is often a dearth of real-life experience and wisdom. There is an urgent need to cut through the theories and examine what actually makes ecosystems work.  

Executives understand the WHAT and the WHY ecosystems are relevant for their growth, yet they need guidance on the HOW.

In this BEA webinar moderated by Stuart Crainer, co-founder of Thinkers50, Elisa Farri and Gabriele Rosani from The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent will introduce a concrete framework that can help executives bridge the gap between theory and practice: the Ecosystem Canvas. And Marco Gazzino, Head of Innovation at Enel X Global Retail, will share his experience applying the Ecosystem Canvas.

Elisa Farri is vice president and co-lead of CapGemini Invent’s Management Lab.

Gabriele Rosani is Director of Content & Research at CapGemini Invent’s Management Lab. 

Prior to joining CapGemini, Elisa and Gabriele were part of the leadership team of ECSI (European Centre for Strategic Innovation), a management research and innovation consultancy.

Marco Gazzino is Head of Innovation at Enel X Global Retail, Enel’s advanced energy services business line dedicated to energy supply and new home, industry and urban solutions. The innovability team also manages open innovation activities at Enel X and incubates new business. Formerly, Marco was Head of Partnerships and Innovation Intelligence at Enel. He has a Masters in Corporate Innovation from ESADE Business School, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has been a visiting scientist at MIT.

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